Launched in 2023, GOAM Plus Multi-Concept Venture is a renewable energy enterprise providing cost-effective state-of-the-art solar electricity systems for households, industries, and offices.
GOAM has gotten business off to a flying start, poring through our customers’ energy needs by delivering solar panels and associated products across Europe and Africa. Our track record speaks for us wherever we go.
In addition to taking you off the overly expensive national grid, Solar electricity is greener, safer, and cheaper, offering relatively more economical overhead maintenance costs. At GOAM, we connect you directly to the heart of the best renewable energy brands in the industry.
Although our services are relatively adjustable to fit different budget narratives, we only deal with quality products, as we know this impacts our reputation significantly. So we work tirelessly to provide only the best photovoltaic systems and accessories sourced directly from the makers.
As part of our relentless efforts, we have partnered with Kalos Intercontinental, a business development company, to determine our best product sources.
Kalos Intercontinental has a direct business relationship with leading renewable energy companies, including Forniture Fotovoltaiche and Genertec Italia, which promote the distribution of renewable energy across Europe, China, and the rest of the world.
They extend this networking gesture to us, giving us direct access to top Photovoltaic shelter, inverter, and solar panel makers, including Huawei, Risen Solar Technology, Sunpro, Sunpower and Tongwei, Longi Solar, and JA Solar, among many others. 

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